What is IPL?

Photorejuvenation using IPL® is a non-invasive treatment that treats skin damage without disruption of the skin’s surface, hence, no “down time”. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL®) can simultaneously treat a wide range of facial concerns safely and effectively.

What type of IPL do you have and what makes it so effective?

At DERMSA, we are dedicated to providing the latest technology available. Our IPL, Lumenis One, is a true fourth generation Intense Pulsed Light system with patented state of the art technology which optimizes power, pulsing and light delivery to provide maximum results, comfort and safety. Lumenis invented IPL and is considered the Gold Standard in IPL Systems.

How does Lumenis One work?

The IPL delivers a special range of wavelengths of light in customizable pulses through a sapphire tip gently onto your skin. The light is absorbed either superficially by broken capillaries and dark pigment or deeper by larger vessels and collagen. Dilated capillaries coagulate, pigmented lesions darken and then slough off and new collagen fibers are laid down, giving the skin a renewed and more youthful appearance.

How is Photorejuvenation performed?

A cold gel is usually applied to the area to be treated, and you will be given dark glasses to protect your eyes from the bright light. The smooth glass surface of the IPL hand piece is gently applied to your skin and pulses of light are applied. You may feel a slight sting, like the snapping of a small rubber band. An anesthetic cream may be used.

What conditions can be treated using the IPL?

Many conditions such as broken capillaries, benign brown pigment, age spots (sun-induced freckles), mottled pigmentation and poikiloderma can be treated with IPL.

What areas can be treated?

The Lumenis One system can be used to treat almost all areas of the body. The most common areas are the face, neck, chest and hands.

How Many Treatment are recommended?

Treatment is generally administered in a series of 4 to 6 sessions that provide excellent long-term results, minimal adverse effects and high satisfaction. Some conditions may need less sessions depending on the severity of the issue. During your consultation, your skin will be assessed and a plan implemented.

How long does a session last?

Depending on the condition and the area being treated, the time can vary. On average, each treatment takes about twenty minutes.

Why are multiple treatments necessary?

Depending on the number of conditions you are treating, and the severity of the individual problem, a series of four to six treatment sessions may be recommended. You can return to work the same day and resume all your regular activities. By dividing the full program into several treatments, the procedure provides gradual improvement with very low risk – and, it preserves the wonderful “no down time” feature that people appreciate so much.

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For more information on the IPL : http://www.skinandhealth.com/ipl_age_spots

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