What is treatment like?

During Treatment, our physician will ease Radiesse under the skin in the targeted areas to achieve desired results.

How long do treatments take?

The treatment is usually done in about 15 minutes.

Where is Radiesse used?

Radiesse can be used in many places on the face to help contour and replace lost volume. Your physician can evaluate your needs and how Radiesse would work for you.

What kind of results can I expect?

When injected into the skin, Radiesse performs as a filler immediately providing facial volume for a soft, natural look. The transformation is noticeable right away. Over time, your body will gradually absorb the gel carrier and the very tiny smooth microspheres remain. Once injected, Radiesse starts a process of creating new collagen. It stimulates collagen production in your own body and encourages collagen growth around the injection site. In many cases, results may last up to a year.

What about recovery time?

Most patients experience little or no downtime and return to normal activity almost immediately.

Where should I go for my Radiesse treatments?

We recommend getting your Radiesse injections from a board-certified dermatologist that is experienced in cosmetic procedures.

Can Radiesse be combined with other cosmetic procedures?

Yes! Radiesse can be combined with Botox, injectables or laser treatments resulting in a more overall youthful appearance.

How can I learn more about Radiesse?

Visit http://www.radiesse.com for more information.

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