What is UltraClear?

UltraClear uses cold fiber laser technology to help reverse signs of aging by addressing fine lines, wrinkles, sunspots, age spots, uneven skin texture, sagging skin, and stubborn acne scars with zero downtime. It is precisely tailored to your needs and skin conditions with maximum results and minimal risks. With incredibly low pain level (0-3 on a scale of 10), low downtime, no bleeding and average full-face treatment time of 15-20 minutes, UltraClear offers a patient experience that no other technology can match.

How does UltraClear work?

UltraClear uses short, concentrated light beams to gently remove top layers of dull and damaged skin, triggering the body’s natural healing process and stimulating new cell growth. At the same time, UltraClear deposits controlled thermal energy at the dermal level inducing just the right amount of thermal energy at the right skin depth to start the rejuvenation process, increasing collagen and elastin production, revitalizing your skin from the inside out.

What is an UltraClear treatment like?

UltraClear offers a wide range of patient-friendly treatment options tailored to your desired results and lifestyle.

If you want to quickly smooth out your skin with a more radiant complexion but get back to work as soon as possible, the little-to-no-downtime lunchtime light peel may be your best option. You may have some redness and mild swelling on your face right after the treatment, but you can apply make-up within a few hours and go back to work the next day.

If you wish to treat deep wrinkles or acne scars and can take a few days off, a more intense option may be performed for more dramatic improvement with an average of 3 days of downtime.