glōminerals does not contain talc. Talcum powder is generally used as a bulking agent. It allows cosmetic companies to increase the amount of the product for the pigment utilized. This addition results in a product that has greater oil-absorbing properties, but requires more product to be applied to the skin to achieve the desired coverage. The lack of talc in glominerals means that you can achieve fuller coverage using less product and the makeup feels lighter on the skin, lasting throughout the day. The product will last longer than a comparable talc-containing product. Products that contain talc can have adverse effects. A talc particle is heavier than a mineral pigment and will settle into both pores and wrinkles. Therefore, products containing talc are more likely to accentuate wrinkles and clog pores. Talc may also exacerbate skin conditions like acne and rosacea. Skin irritation may occur with the use of products containing talc, especially on sensitive skin types. glōminerals products are beneficial for all skin types and conditions. glōminerals lies on top of the skin’s surface, evening out complexions without accentuating imperfections. For more information on glominerals, go to their web site at: http://www.glominerals.com/